Alaskan Harvest

  • Alaskan Harvest Frequent Buyer Benefits

    For every dollar spend on your purchases (minus shipping charges), you will earn one point.  There is no limit to the points you accumulate, and they do not expire.   
    You may redeem your points at any time, for any of our currently designated points products.  Sometimes these will be extra items for no charge in a combination, or sometimes they will be individual products. To take advantage of your points, add the special points product to your cart, or call our customer service phone number  and we can add and inform you of our current points products. These can also be viewed in your account thanks to our new system.

    Please note: 1,000 point limit per order. Points must be redeemed with an order. Points cannot be applied to shipping charges. Points products must ship to the same address as the entire order. Our system will remove the Points Product charges before charging the credit card as long as your account has available points. 

  • Alaskan Harvest True Cod

    #P107 Two Dinner Size Fillets - 300 points

    A brand new product that is a great alternative to Halibut, and much betterthan store-bought, farmed Tilapia! This Cod comes from a new source, and is the best Cod you can get from Alaska-which means you can't get better Cod
    anywhere in the world! Moist, flaky and mild, both on your wallet, and your pallet! Alaskan Cod is a great way to experience quality Alaskan whitefish.
    Like most whitefish, both of these are versatile for various recipes and will reward you with great taste when carefully prepared. Dinner preparation doesn't get much easier: cook Wild Alaska Seafood without thawing and it is just 15 minutes!

  • Alaskan Harvest Crab Cakes

    #P106 Five Hand Made Crab Cakes - 300 points

    Breaded and cooked to perfection, crab cakes are world-renownedfor their class and elegance.  Don't be fooled though, these treats are perfect dressed up, or dressed down. Our secret recipe and blend of herbs and spices that go into our unique crab cakes are sure to please anyone