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October IS the National Seafood Month! - DID YOU EAT SEAFOOD this month?

October is designated as the National Seafood Month. Get yourself some Wild Seafood and enjoy yourself! It is good for you and it is healthy.

Take a look at NOAA Seafood Month video here.

Fishing Wild Seafood in US is a $ 70+ Billion business! It is a vital part of our economy and also giving you the Wild Omega-3 that your body and brain needs. The seafood that is not wild is lacking the correct amount of the Omega-3.

Want some recipe ideas of how to get started? Here is a good FishWatch site recipes.

Get smart about seafood choices, sustainability, and the health benefits of nutrition rich wild seafood. We also know that we are to eat wild seafood at least twice a week to stay healthy. Sustainability is very important for the environment of our food supply but even more important is 100% Wild and 100% Natural Seafood to your health! Have it both ways, 100% Wild, 100% Natural and 100% Sustainable - that is the harvest from Alaska!

You can also prepare something different than just salmon, halibut or crab. Why don't you try to prepare Jumbo Scallops? They are super easy to prepare and come quickly!

Need an inspiration? Here is a start.



Get the 10 Fillet Alaskan True Cod! True Cod is classified as BEST CHOICE by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium. It is healthy and sustainable! The True Cod has a mild and clean flavor. It flakes easily and has large white-meat. It is not over fished like the East Coast Cod and it's taste is almost like Halibut.

#7223 10 True Cod Fillets ......$105.00


Halibut and Cod Combination

A chance to try out new Cod with the trusty reliability of our 6 Halibut fillet combination. Both of these products are the top of their class in quality and taste and will not disappoint! Like most whitefish, both of these are versatile for various recipes and will reward you with great taste when carefully prepared.

#8005 Halibut and True Cod Combination ......$135.50

King & Dungeness Combo

King and Dungeness crab, the two famous Alaskan exports! Yes, they're both crab, but that's only half the story. Dungeness is sweet and buttery in texture and flavor, and is extremely popular with new crab lovers and veterans alike!

King crab has a stronger taste that works well blended with melted butter, or another favorite flavor. While not quite as sweet tasting as Dungeness, King crab is a strong Alaskan export that deserves the best treatment and recipes. The beauty of both of these types of crab? Neither take long to prepare and are ready to go in only a few minutes!

#7141 Jumbo King Crab and Dungeness Combo ......$249.00

4 Packs of Jumbo Sea Scallops

A perfect companion is the Wild Sea Scallop. You just have to taste it. Sure, we can rave about the high quality taste, the perfect texture and the gourmet appeal, but until you've tried these items with a great recipe, words can't do the justice! Not bay scallops, SEA scallops. Our "Jumbo" sea scallops are some of the biggest, and yet the best quality scallops available. There's not much else to say other than Alaska does it best!

#7050 4 packs of Jumbo Sea Scallops ......$87.50

Find a perfect inspiration and recipe here Caribbean Style

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